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May, 09th, 2020



How does it affect GNBF in 2020/2021?                                                                                                                      


Dear fellow Natural Bodybuilder,

at the moment we all experience times like never before. The Corona-Virus is still spreading all over the World and is doing serious health-damage to a lot of people, resulting in an economic crisis of enormous dimension and leading to serious political tensions, not only in Germany and within Europe but all over the World, for example between the USA and China.

Today, I like to share my thoughts with you regarding how the Corona Virus affects the GNBF in 2020 and 2021. As you already know, german authorities had forbidden the hosting of GNBF international German Championships, which were scheduled for May, 09th, 2020.


However, time moves on. As founder and president of GNBF I have to think about doing or not doing the 17th GNBF German Championships that are provided for October 17th, 2020.  Making this decision was really a challenge. But it was crucial to set a clear statement concerning this Championships because the athletes, coaches and fans as well the GNBF-Team have to get clarity about the things to come.


Over many years I was a Natural Bodybuilding competitor by myself. I know what it takes to get  through a contest preparation.  Athletes need to have a clear focus as well as a supportive environemt to get the best results out of their hard training and strict dieting for standing on stage in their best personal shape. Once contest day has arrived.         

As Founder and President of GNBF I have to take a very careful look at the political facts that are important for making the decision regarding the 17. GNBF German Championships in 2020 as well as keeping the interests of the athletes and the Federation in mind.


For sure, the Corona-Crisis is not fully over until a vaccine against this desease is found.  Therefore the following three main aspects are the big players I had to deal with:

  • Will the German authorities allow the realisation of the German Championships in October or  will they extend their ban which is actually in force until August, 31th, 2020?
  • The Leading German Institute of Virology (Robert-Koch-Institute) gave follwing statement on May, 05th, 2020: „It is sure that a second wave of the Virus will come – maybe even a third wave!“    
  • The GYMs throughout Germany were closed for up to 2 months. Fromm y point of view this circumstance doesn`t allow the athletes best their possible contest preparation in regard of training.   


So what does this mean?


First scenario: Assuming the GNBF is deciding to go on as planned and striving for doing the 17th German Championships in October. How about if within the following weeks or months the German authorities will ban the realization of the contest due to expanding their forbiddance actually valid until Augsut, 31th, 2020? Reasons for this extension could be an increase of Virus infactions, worst case scenario a second wave in Autumn. This would be a very disgusting situation for all athletes, coaches and fans as well as for the Federation.


Second scenario: German authorities give green light for doing the GNBF German Championships. Okay, fine – but under what circumstances? It is very unlikely that a vaccine against Corona-Virus will be avavailable in October this year. Therfore, what would be the requirements of authorities to assure  protection of infection with the corona virus of all people attending the show?


During the preceding years the GNBF German Championships were steadily growing in number of competitiors as well as people in the audience. In 2019 we got 323 athletes competing and 1.100 people as spectators. For no way there is the possibility of keeping a required saftey distance of 1,5 meters between all athletes and all coaches in the backstage area. This area is crowded! Same goes about the judging of athletes on stage.  Although there is really big stage available for the German Championships space is not sufficient to allow 1,5 to 2,0 meters safety distance between athletes. And how about seats in the audience? Will the authorities require to sell only half or third amount of available seats? Will the order exist that all people at the Championships have to wear face masks? Will the condition gets a reality that all athletes have to get tested on Corona-Virus? To make it short: Such really realistic requirements from the German authorities to allow the 17. GNBF German Championships 2020 to take place is not possible to fullfill either from GNBF as well as from the Contest-Hall.


I am a man of early, but at the same time sober-minded and carefully thought over decisions. This was the case regarding the cancellation of 6. GNBF international German Championships in May this year as well as now cancelling the 17th GNBF German Championships in October 2020. Cancellation of these two biggest Natural Bodybuilding events in Germany really hurts my feelings.  I am very sure same goes for all GNBF atheletes, their coaches and fans who had planned to make the GNBF German Championships the biggest and best ever! But this year it`s different. We all are facing an enemy that could not be seen or smelled, it`s a silent killer.


Beside the sporting aspect, th cancellation of both GNBF Championships this year means some serious financially damage to the Federation. There will be no income from ticket sales or starting fees of competitors. In addition,  since the Corona-Crisis started new membership applications to become part of GNBF are almost zero.


Only due to the members and their loyality to the Federation in paying yearly membership fee for 2020 it is possible for GNBF to survive financially through this crisis. It`s tough – but GNBF is stable and will rise stronger than ever next year and stay on top as the premier Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation in Germany for many more years to come!


Last, but not least, some good news: The cancellation of GNBF international German Championships 2020 and GNBF German Championships 2020 doesn`t mean a shutdown of the Federation in activities for their members this year.


This year will offer some new things as well as keeping already proven activities by GNBF for the good of our Sport and the athletes.


Starting this summer this year is the GNBF Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Podcast gets online. This  Podcast will present interviews with a wide variety of interesting people affiliated to Natural Bodybuilding. The interviews will be available to listen via Apple Podcast App and Spotify. More infos to come soon.


Starting in June 2020, I will begin writing some books in which GNBF athletes get their portrayed. More infos to come soon.


Of course, Out-of-season drug testing by GNBF is going to be continued! No question about this. I am very happy about the partnership in this regard with insitute Global Quality Sports that does all testing procedure for GNBF.


You can call me directly via Mobil Phone Number 0049-151-21269642 each Tuesday between 9:00 am and 10:00 am to ask me everything you like to know about GNBF. I am working on expand this hotline so that members of GNBF can call their favorite GNBF Coaches for at least one hour of free consultation per month.


FIBO 2020
In case, the FIBO exhibition scheduled for October, 1st to 4th, 2020 is going to take place, GNBF will be presenting an own exhibition booth.

Let`s look looking forward to a fresh  beginning of the GNBF contest Season in 2021.
The dates are as follows:



May, 29th, 2021: 6. GNBF international German Championships / Oldenburg
October, 09th, 2021: 17 GNBF German Championships / Siegen


In additon, I am very excited to announce that GNBF has agreed a NEW PARTNERSHIP with a very huge company, starting in 2021. At the moment, we are speaking over a third GNBF Contest in 2021 in a way never seen berfore! More information about this a.s.a.p.      

Thank you very much in your interest of reading this letter. For sure, Natural Bodybuilding in Germany, Europe and Worldwide will rise even stronger, once these difficult times are over and this crisis is defeated!


You can be assured that I will work as hard as possible to keep GNBF on track and to continue the success story of this very successfully Natural Bodybuilding Federation that was founded in 2003!


Best always
good training and stay healthy,



Berend Breitenstein        


Video-Statement - Coming soon