March, 11th, 2020



of 6th GNBF international German Championships 2020


Message to all foreign athletes

Dear athletes,

with a heavy heart I send you today a message as President and Founder of GNBF as well as a retired competitor.

At the moment, the situation regarding the spreading of the Corona-Virus all over the World and Europe gets worser  each day. In Germany, big events like the ITB in Berlin (World biggest International Tourism Exhibition) or FIBO-Exhibition in Colonge and other high caliber exhibitons are canceled  or suspended. For the first time in German History premier league football games must be held without any audience.  

Since March, 10th, 2020 The German Deparment of health forbids all events were more than 1.000 people come together, like this would have been the case regarding the 6th GNBF international German Championships scheduled for May, 09th, 2020.


The fact, that already infected people may not show any signs of disease but nevertheless are highly virulent to other people leads to the conclusion, that GNBF is not able to guarante safety of national and international competitors as well as the audience attending the GNBF international Championships in May. Just imagine, only one person of the expected more than 1.000 people attending the 6. GNBF international German Championships become suspect of a Corona-Infection. This would mean serious consequences for ALL people who were at sight, like a 14-day quarantine here in Germany.


As a retired former competitor by myself, I know how you feel as an athlete. You are training very hard for the contest to show your best onstage. Your diet is very strict. However, the strain your body is put during contest preparation results in a decrease of your immune-system and makes you more vulnarable for infection in case of contact with the virus.

The cancellation of the 6th GNBF international German Championships is a great disappointment for all athletes, their coaches, the audience and last but not least the GNBF by itself. But is has to be done for the good of the people. The GNBF is dedicated to promoting the healthy, drug-free Natural Bodybuilding Lifestlye. Being part of our community you are living this philosophy by yourself.


As president of GNBF I am responsible to serve and protect all people who have liked to attend GNBF interantional German Championships in May this year of health damage due to possible corona-virus infection. Unfortunately this is not possible! 

Anyway, let`s looking forward to an all time best 6th GNBF international German Championships either in October this year or in spring of 2021!


I will keep you updated about this issue.


Good training

and stay healthy,


Berend Breitenstein

GNBF Founder/President